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Get Grounded with Lynette and Kevin

We bet you have been grounded before.  And that you would love to be again.  What?!?!?!?  Let’s take a look at that word.  As youngsters being grounded means your activities are restricted, often as punishment for less than stellar behavior.  Adults strive to be well balanced, even sensible - grounded.  Same word, completely different meanings.


Here’s the conundrum.  We had seemingly attained a certain level of groundedness.  And then we made the completely nonsensible decision to start growing flowers again, after almost 20 years away from our original flower business.  But now grounded has even deeper meanings for us. 


We have learned to love, admire and honor the ground in which we grow our flowers.  We do all we can to build its health, structure and integrity in order to build a long-term supportive network for growth.  


We started putting roots down in Bay City, Texas over 45 years ago.  But we have put thousands upon thousands of roots in the soil since 2021.  Turns out that’s one of the best things you can do for soil and plant health.  Just imagine happy little flower wanna be’s, as their roots wriggle their toes down into the soil to find it teeming with life that feeds and supports them.  That is grounded perfection.


We have grown just about everything we can think of the past few years.  Many things work well – some not so much.  We are now working to hone our list to where we offer you a great variety of flowers, but also grow those that produce abundantly in this climate.  We invite you to partake of all we offer.  Keep an eye out.  There will be more.


Lynette and Kevin Lowrance

Stay Grounded

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